Aeron Bacon Supplies

Product List Jan 2015




Back Bacon (Thick or Thin )       


Smoked Back Bacon


Middle Bacon


Streaky Bacon


Dry Cured Back Bacon


Bacon  Chops


Bacon  Loin Joint


Gammon  Joints                                   


Gammon  Steaks


Gammon Bits


Pork  Chops  (Boneless)


Pork  Loin Joint  (Boneless)


Pork  Loin Whole  (Boneless)


Pork  Joint Leg  (Boneless)


Pork Leg  Whole  (Boned & Rolled)


Pork Tenderloin


Pork  Shoulder  Whole  (Bone In)


Belly Pork





1/2 Pig  


Whole Pig


Pork  Diced


Pork  Minced


Pork Sausage Meat


Pork Sausages  (Bag of 24)    


Beef Silverside Joint  


Beef Topside Joint  


Rump Steak


Beef  Diced


Beef  Minced


Ham Burgers  130g  (Bag of 4)    


Pork Burgers  130g  (Bag of 4)    


Spicy Pork Burgers  130g  (Bag of 4)    


Pork & Apple Burgers  130g  (Bag of 4)    


Pork & Leek Burgers  130g  (Bag of 4)    


Lamb & Mint Burgers  130g  (Bag of 4)    


Beef Burgers  130g  (Bag of 4)    


Aeron Bacon Supplies is a family run business based just outside the welsh agricultural town of Lampeter. We specialise In producing the highest quality fresh farm meats and deliver right to your door for your convenience.


You can phone or email your order:

Tel: 01570  471077 / 471515

We Accept all Major Debit & Credit Cards


Ty-carreg, Talsarn, Lampeter, Ceredigion, SA48 8QB